Maintain Your Employee’s Wellness and Ability to Work

Maintain Your Employee’s Wellness and Ability to Work

Investing in work ability and well-being at work by anticipating wisely is much more reasonable than solving problems that have already arisen. Read what ability to work consists of and how you can influence it as an employer.

It’s in the employer's interest that the employees are able to work and feel well

In many workplaces, employers have already realized that the personnel is the most important asset for the company. However, you can't take the well-being of your personnel for granted. It's in the interest of both the employer and the employees that they consistently invest in maintaining the ability to work.

The ability to work and coping at work are also closely related to well-being at work. When a person's work ability is good, he is able to meet the demands of his work. In particular, unilaterally burdensome work tasks can weaken work capacity in the long run, and therefore it is worth planning wisely when maintaining work capacity. Ability to work is one of the basic requirements of coping at work.

The ability to work is affected by many factors. First, the working conditions must be good: the concrete framework, the work arrangements and the social environment. The amount of work must also remain within reasonable limits.

In addition, the work must be motivating for the employer. The right level of demandingness, sufficient variability and the opportunity to learn new things keep the work meaningful and thus support coping at work. On the other hand, it is important to listen to employees, because everyone's needs are different.

It is good to recognize that personal life situations always affect the ability to work. Fluctuations in work motivation, for example, are normal, but with trust, fairness and showing appreciation of the work, you can support the ability to work.

Work ability consists of physical, psychological and social dimensions.

  • Physical work capacity is the functional capacity of muscles, joints and bones, as well as the respiratory and circulatory organs.
  • Mental work ability includes a person's abilities and skills, motivation, vitality, emotional balance, self-concept and social skills. 
  • Social work ability is the ability to adopt one's work role, the ability to interact, and commitment to workplace values ​​and operating methods.

The different areas of work ability are also connected to each other: for example, good physical condition can help you withstand mental stress better.

How can you affect work ability and well-being at work?

Everyone can largely influence their ability to work themselves. Healthy lifestyles, regular exercise and adequate rest are a good basis for work ability. In addition, managing one’s own life is important.

However, the employer also plays an essential role in supporting the ability to work and promoting well-being at work. It's good to take these things into consideration as part of everyday life at the workplace.

With work planning and ergonomics, physical working capacity can be maintained: when working conditions and working postures are as good as possible, working doesn’t burden the body unnecessarily. Pausing work can also reduce the load.

A good work community and working atmosphere support individuals' ability to work. When there is open, fair and respectful interaction, it's nice to come to work. The possibility of influencing also increases work motivation. In addition, good interaction helps people talk about possible problems at work.

Noticing successes and rewarding them with at least thanks is a surprisingly effective way of supporting well-being at work. Every employee wants a feeling of appreciation, and it motivates even better performance.

Use Gymba to support your employees’ ability to work

You can start investing in maintaining the ability to work with small actions – sometimes they have a surprisingly big effect.

The Gymba activation board is especially developed to improve work ergonomics in an office environment. It has scientifically proven health benefits – it keeps the standing position at the workplace active and tidy, boosts blood circulation and prevents muscle pain and tension.

With Gymba, maintaining the ability to work is fun and rewarding. Best of all, using it does not take up work time, but actually increases efficiency. When the working position is comfortable, it is easier to complete the work tasks.

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