Gymba® is a family business with a mission to bring the balance of activity and wellness into your life.

Founded more than 10 years ago in Finland, we have stayed the course as our small innovative concept grew into a global enterprise.

Entering into the second generation of family ownership and working closely with our local Finnish partners, we are bringing the best exercise tools available to improve your quality of life, giving you time and energy to do the things most important to you.

The Origin Story

While working for an acoustics manufacturer in 2011, company founder Jarmo Pölönen, was developing a curvy screen from ply-wood. To test its strength, he stepped on the convex side of the wooden screen and after bouncing on it for a while, Jarmo got the idea that it could work as a sports equipment. At first, as a sufferer from lower back pain, he thought about elderly people or those needing physical therapy.

The first prototypes of the Gymba® Board were given to physiotherapy students and based on their encouraging feedback, the product development continued.

In 2013, as more research data and discussion in the media about the risks of long-term sitting increased, so did the popularity of height adjustable desks. But even with the skyrocketing sales of standing desks, most people did not use them for long because standing on a hard surface or static standing in general did not address the lack of body movement for longer periods of time. There had to be a better solution to improve office ergonomics overall.

Introduction and Success

We partnered with another local family business (right down the road) that specializes in biocomposite materials to hand-manufacture the Gymba® Board in Finland. We care about the environment and sustainability. We are also care about preserving our heritage and employing hard working Finns to make great products. After ensuring those values met, sales begin in 2015.

Since those humble beginnings, this beautiful product has been internationally awarded and is available at select retailers around the world as well as our online store.

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