Ultimate Wellness Tool

The multi-function Gymba Activation Board is full of endless possibilities and the perfect addition to your exercise routine. A balance board. A flexibility board. A stretching board. A motion board. A massage board. A stability board. A therapy board. We’ve redefined the meaning of all-in-one.

Activation 101

Start by adjusting your desk to the optimal height and place the Gymba® Board on the floor so that you'll stand close to the desk. Start using the board with 10 minutes per hour and then gradually increase increments until you achieve 30 minutes or your desired target. Keep in mind, like any new movement exercise, you are activating muscles and may have some tenderness in the beginning. But your body will quickly adapt to dynamic standing, and you will be on your way to an overall healthy lifestyle. No limits!

Dynamic Exercise

Grab your gear and get ready for a full workout with the Gymba® Board. From squats to core to push-ups to crunches to stretches, you have a versatile exercise board at your fingertips.

Foot Massage

Your feet carry the weight of your entire body. Give them a little love and relaxing treatment using the Gymba Massage Balls. The gray ball is slightly softer, and the black ball is slightly harder, giving you two options for pressurization. Start off slowly with the gray ball and increase pressure gradually until you are ready to use the black ball.

The massage balls are removable, so you can place them anywhere on the board. For a more precise massage, use one ball or to massage a larger area, place the two balls side-by-side. Remember to remove your shoes to achieve the best massage effect!