Stay Active and Keep Moving

Our uniquely patented Gymba® Activation Board does more than the average balance board or cushioned mat. By walking while standing, you change from static to dynamic movement. You are boosting metabolism, engaging core muscles, improving posture, strengthening lower back, reducing joint pain and decreasing inflammation - all without interrupting your work or breaking a sweat!

Dynamic Standing

We all know sitting for hours is bad for your health, but standing without movement for prolonged periods can be just as harmful. In a static state, your blood flow slows and begins to pool in the lower extremities, causing soreness in the lower back and feet.

Using the Gymba Activation Board keeps your body active and adapts to the natural need to shift weight from side to side. This improves blood circulation throughout the entire body, keeping joints and vertebrae oxygenated, better known as dynamic standing.

Doctor's Endorsement

"My name is Dr. Harri Helajärvi (MD. & PhD, specialist in Sports and Exercise medicine). I have researched sedentary behavior and physical inactivity and I know how dangerous it can be.

The Gymba® Board is a unique solution that provides activity at your desk. It's helping your ankles, your knees, your hips and your lower back and your shoulder line and everything. It gives you a chance to stand prolonged times at your desk and to be more productive. Many individuals with spinal problems have experienced reduction in back pain while using the Gymba® Board. And it really is for everybody!"

Muscle Activity

When comparing normal walking versus the Gymba Activation Board’s dynamic standing, you see unmistakable similarities in muscle activity. Walking while standing promotes metabolic health while mitigating the musculoskeletal risks associated with prolonged sitting or static standing.

Independent Testing

Using a third-party lab, we had users test static standing versus dynamic standing with the Gymba Activation Board.

  • Dramatically less muscle pain and tension.
  • Visibly noticeable posture correction for longer duration.
  • More efficient blood circulation decreased resting heart rate.
  • Increased elasticity in the ankles, calves and glutes from continual movement.
  • Natural walking while standing created more stability and momentum.