Offer Gymba® Products to Your Customers

If you're a retailer interested in offering Gymba® products to your customers, you've come to the right place. Our Activation Board is a unique and highly sought-after product that can enhance your product offerings.

Why Partner with Gymba?

The Gymba® Board is in high demand due to its scientifically proven health benefits and innovative design.

Our product has received
international awards and recognition.

We provide a 5-year manufacturer breakage warranty to assure the quality of our product.

Customers appreciate our commitment to sustainability, as our product is made from bio-composite material and is fully recyclable.

Partner with us to expand your product line and meet the growing demand for ergonomic office solutions.

Partner with Gymba®!

Take advantage of the opportunity to offer Gymba® products to your customers. Contact us to learn more about becoming a Gymba® retailer.

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